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Blu-Ray and Xbox 360? It's possible, says Moore

Ross Miller

With the announcement of an external HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360, Microsoft looked to clearly choose sides in the format war. However, all is not black-and-white in the business, according to Peter Moore. In an interview with Japanese website ITmedia, Moore noted that, if the format war concluded with Blu-Ray as the clear winner, Microsoft could release an external Blu-Ray drive for its 360.

This news comes as somewhat of a shock, since Blu-Ray is backed by Microsoft's rival Sony. However, it would be a smart move on Microsoft's part not to be diligently supporting a dead format (if HD-DVD, indeed, loses). Moore again stressed that the external drives would be for movies only, but something tells us that external drive - whichever format - could become vital for gaming 2 or 3 years into the console's life-span.

[Thanks, bandersnatch]

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