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HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray continues, no compromise in sight / flip discs will decide the winner?


Ok, so now, we've seen the huge hulking 1980's VHS-style players for both HD-DVD and Blu-ray, but which one are we going to buy? Well, if you were hoping to buy a Samsung player that was compatible with both standards, don't hold your breath reports CNet. Apparently both groups have regulations making it impossible for any member to create a drive capable of playing both formats, so there goes that idea for now.

Also today, the "HDTV Professor" noted that of all the things he heard at Insight Media's HDTV Conference, the possibility for flip disc HD-DVD's with regular DVD content on one side is much more promising than similar Blu-ray applications, and could lead to quicker adoption by consumers and retailers.

As usual, we'll continue to keep an eye on it.

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