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25 days till Super Bowl...are you ready

Matt Burns

We're sure you have the keg on reserve and the food all planed out. You might have the decorations ready and the seating all arranged. But do you have the HDTV yet?

The big game deserves a big screen. We ran a series of buying guides before Christmas that will still apply so you might want to check these out:

A good portion of HDTV owners don't have a high-def signal hooked up to the TV. Luckily, the Super Bowl is on ABC, not a cable station. Most HDTVs now sold have a tuner in them that will allow you to use an antenna to pull in the game. Both Kevin and I have had good luck with Terk antennas so you might want to check them out.

If your TV does not have one of these HD tuners in it, you will be forced to get ABC from cable or satellite. Most cable companies have an HD lineup that includes high-def ABC. Satellite, however, is just now starting to send high definition local stations, with DirecTV leading the way in their top markets. Although Dish Network has a large HD lineup, they don't offer any local HD stations yet.

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