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Hands on: Belkin Flip for Mac mini

Scott McNulty

Belkin has a huge booth here at Macworld (and I'll post an Engadget style booth tour later).%uFFFD I asked Burk Murray, director of Belkin product management, what I should look at since I am way too important to just wander around with the rest of the Macworld attendees and he said, without hesitation, 'The Flip for Mac mini,' which is a fancy pants KVM switcher designed for the Mac mini.

Laurie has been covering the Flip for awhile, and she will be writing up a review of it shortly, but let me tell you I was impressed with this thing. It has touch sensitive buttons on the front that let you access features like CD ejecting, volume, and switching video/audio. Thanks to some software you can also switch just the video, so if you are working on your Mac mini listening to some tunes and you want to use the Windows box that you have hooked up to the Flip you can do so without having to miss out on the song.

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