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Sony to ship 20M PSPs in 2006


A representative from Samsung today revealed that Sony plans to ship 20 million PSP units in 2006. Hwang Chang Gyu, head of the Korean company’s semiconductor division, was part of an equally large serving of news last year when he announced during a press conference that both companies were ensconced in one of the largest flash chip manufacturing deals ever made, purportedly even more grandiose than the one Samsung originally had with Apple Computers (a partnership which imploded when rival tech companies in Korean whined and pouted about “unfair practices”). Sony declined to comment on the news, stating only that they’ve already shipped 10 million units so far.

 C’mon, Sony. What’s another paltry 10 million additional units gonna cost you? Once you release Gran Turismo for PSP we promise we’ll get all our friends to buy a unit and put together one gigantic honking multiplayer party.

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