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Hopeful kid gets a PSP; then a fairy is born


We’ve all had our respective flights of fancy when we were kids: my brother wanted a Swiss Army knife; I wanted the power of flight and invisibility. For Jose Luis Jr. it was a PSP. Admittedly, the farthest I’ve ever gone with an obsession is to read everything I could about it online, but since I’m far too lazy to exert effort greater than pressing down on a mouse button, my desires have never gone past the virtual and into the real. But since little Jose Luis Jr. went so far as to cut magazine prints and make life-sized drawings of PSPs that he sold to friends for extra cash, Boing Boing notes that one kind reader started a fundraiser and got the kid his gadget.

The moral of the story? If you wish for something hard enough, even minors like Jose Luis Jr. can get the chance to run over hookers in Liberty City.

[UPDATE:] Here's the original story.

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