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Samsung's new camcorders: SC-D165, SC-HDX15, SC-X210L and SC-X205L

Marc Perton

Samsung has added some new offerings to the growing market for tape-free digicams with the DVD-based SC-D165 and SD-equipped SC-HDX15. The DVD model can record to dual-layer media, has a 33x optical zoom (and a whopping 1200x digital zoom, which we're pretty sure is a typo on 120x) along with a 2.7-inch LCD and the ability to capture low-res (800x600) stills. The more interesting offering, the SC-HDX15, is being billed by Samsung as the first HD flash camcorder. The $1,499 unit, due out this summer, includes 4GB of internal memory, and, according to Samsung, can record full 720p footage. No word on how much compression Samsung uses in order to squeeze more than about five minutes of 720p video onto that 4GB, or on what kind of CCD this has. Until we get more info, we'll probably stick with (or at least continue to covet) the 3CCD Everio GZ-MC500, which uses microdrives for unlimited (albeit expensive) storage. Samsung has also added two new Miniket sports camcorders with head-mountable "lipstick" lenses, the SC-X210L (pictured) and SC-X205L. Both include SD card slots, 10x optical zoom, MP3 playback and internal memory (512MB on the X205L and 1GB on the X210L).

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