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Chandler 0.6: The Experimentally Useable Calendar


iCalendar gives me a bit of a headache each time I go look at it, so it's nice to know that a small team of dedicated open source developers, including Andy Hertzfeld, are developing a Calendar and personal organizer application called Chandler. I've downloaded the 0.6 version, and it looks like the developers definitely have put the right foot forward with this one. If you're a python programmer, they're looking for help. If you want to help with debugging as an end user, they'll take your help too!

The user interface is quite pleasant, even if still in the rudimentary phase of development. Calendaring functions include layered data, integration with chat and email, and much more. Check out the Chandler team'sphilosophy and while you're at it, an interview of Andy Hertzfeld at NerdTV (Episode 1 of NerdTV at the bottom of the page).

[via Boing Boing]

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