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Computer-related stress may drive people to drink

Evan Blass

As if there weren't enough reasons to drink already (spouses, kids, nitpicky editors), Physorg is reporting that stress over computer- and technology-related problems is driving people to drink- well, maybe. It goes like this: A poll done by the group Developing Patient Partnerships showed that 79% of the 1000 people queried (giving it a non-insignificant margin-of-error) had felt stressed in the past year. Now, out of those people, almost one-third said that tech frustration stressed them out. Separately, over one-third of the stressees used booze to deal with their problems. What the poll fails to indicate, however, is how many of the techstress group hit the bottle as a cure. So what we're saying, then, is that this poll really doesn't prove anything that our headline suggests.

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