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FCC's new spectrum auction to bring broadband to planes


The FCC is gearing up for one of their spectrum auctions that always get the big telecoms in a tizzy. This new auction is for the airwaves currently being used to hit planes with incredibly expensive phone service. Verizon is the culprit there, but they'd like to get in on this new auction to be able to offer broadband to planes, which sounds good to us, though based on their phone charges, internet might cost more than the flight itself. And then, of course, there is the question of Skype usage, and once somebody does it everybody is going to be reaching for their cellphones, and we'll end up with one big noisy 747. Well, we've got until May 10th for the auction, and about a year after that for the services to get set up, so we'll try to get some traveling in soon and enjoy the sound of crying babies while we still can.

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