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PSP tops DS in Japan

Blake Snow

The day that DS fanboys have dreaded is finally here. The PSP has trumped Nintendo's dual-screen portable in total units sold over the past week in Japan (Jan 2 - 8). This marks the first time since April of '05 that the PSP has outsold the DS. However, Nintendo reported that the DS sold out in Japan on the 5th, thereby halting its sales during the rest of the reported cycle.

Here's how it all went down:

  1. PSP - 132,757
  2. NDS - 91,379
  3. PS2 - 80,886
  4. GBASP - 17,443
  5. NGC - 13,423
  6. GBM - 11,818
  7. XBX360 - 7,477
  8. GBA - 564
  9. XBX - 156
Whichever way you look at it, the PSP did increase in total sales over its previous figure of 110k units. Fanboys, take ammunition where you can.

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