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Facial recognition- and biofeedback-based emotion-detection system

Evan Blass

Who among us hasn't gotten so frustrated by one of our devices that we (drink or) curse, threaten, and even physically abuse our beloved technology? (We even admit to having once chewed up our contact lenses and spit them into the toilet). Well until someone starts up a local chapter of Gadget Abusers Anonymous, we'll have to settle for systems like Christian Peter's, which uses both video facial recognition as well as biofeedback to tell your gear that it may soon be in for some hurtin' and to change course accordingly (though exactly how it would do that is unclear). Peter's emotion detector works by scanning a user's face for cues of anger or frustration (voice recognition is also being incorporated to analyze tonal fluctuations or "stick this in your disc drive!"s) and measuring his/her heartbeat, blood pressure, and skin temp via a tethered glove. The system will be on display at CeBIT from March 9th through the 15th in Hanover, Germany, and we'll certainly rock a demo for y'all if we're lucky enough to attend (please, AOL?).

[Via Smart Mobs]

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