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Evesham Voyager C550 Napabook reviewed

Evan Blass

What a difference a few benchmark points can make. Trusted Reviews gave Evesham's 15.4-inch Voyager C550 Core Duo laptop a thorough going over, and after noting it's many similarities with the Acer Travelmate 8204WLMi which blew their doors off, they change course and rate it a seven, three full points lower than the Acer's perfect 10. Why the huge disparity? It all comes down to numbers: even though the Evesham rocks only a slightly slower processor (1.83GHz vs the Acer's 2.0), its single gig of RAM (the Acer ships with 2GB) contributes to a significant difference in SysMark scores. Even worse, the battery life seems to be atrocious, clocking in at under two hours for not only DVD playback but normal use as well. The upside here is that if you don't mind being tethered to a wall outlet and can deal with sub-par 1280 x 800 resolution, then you can get your "mobile" dual core-on for around $2100, or about a grand less than the 8204WLMi.

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