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Perplex City gets live and interactive

Jennie Lees

ARGs overlap with the real world in many ways, not restricting themselves to a website or two to engage players totally. We've seen an increase in live-action ARG events recently, with Last Call Poker featuring regular Tombstone Hold'em sessions. Perplex City also entered the fray with a live event last year, but has been fairly quiet since then.

Fortunately for those who missed it, there are two more Perplex City live events coming up in February, in both London and New York. The London event is billed as the "largest, smartest and most sophisticated live action urban game", and sounds like something not to be missed. We've taken part in similar live-action puzzle events before, and they are exhilarating, exhausting and brain-twisting--a cross between The Crystal Maze, Stanford's The Game, LARP and scavenger hunts, puzzle solving under pressure is worth a try if you're new to the idea.

[via Wonderland]

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