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The Xbox 360 says: "Go, Seattle Seahawks!"

Dan Choi

Around here, most of our football talk is limited to the latest controversies regarding Madden and how other sports developers try to deal with or get around the unstoppable franchise. Here's something fun for this year's NFL playoffs, though: the Xbox 360 is rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.

If your hometown team has already been eliminated from title contention this season, how do you feel about Washington-based Microsoft putting its backing behind the local football franchise? Or do you feel a closer bond to the Hawks because of a fantasy-football connection with Seattle's record-breaking rusher, Shaun Alexander? [Update: spelling fixed!] Personally, this blogger can't wait to see Seattle crush Carolina in the NFC title game next week (for dropping my Bears in Sunday's playoff game), as the enemy of my enemy is, like... a friend or something.

Of course, your team could very well still be in contention (and may even be these very guys from the Pacific Northwest), so there may be other loyalties at play here. Just don't let your console beliefs overly bias who you root fo--okay, who are we kidding, if you can't be a fanboy in the playoffs, when can you be? Go, 360 Hawks! You?

[Thanks, Wonderflex]

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