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Engadget Podcast 063 - 01.17.2006


Well, it's time to get back into the swing of things and throw down another episode of the Engadget podcast that isn't daily from CES. January's definitely been a crazy month, between the madness of the Consumer Electronics Show and Jobs at Macworld announcing the first round of Apple hardware running on Intel chips. But while Intel and Apple were getting all cozied up, the guy in charge of that other OS (what's it called again, Windows?), took a few minutes to sit down with us, and Mr. Gates seemed none-too-scared of the threat OS X on x86 could pose. We also discuss how a boost from rich uncle Bill and Microsoft and Intel keeps HD DVD in the game, albeit on life support; and as for products that aren't even alive yet, the folks from Optimus say they're planning to release an OLED keypad with three keys in February. Not to be outdone, however, Vanessa Camones from iRiver tells us in a sit down interview about their success with the U10, and how it's become iRiver's flagship device.

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Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Randall Bennett

J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

57:04, 26.1 MB, MP3

02:25 Macworld '06
11:01 MacBook Pro
17:56 Apple's Intel iMac
25:02 The Engadget Interview: Bill Gates (again!)
28:56 HD-DVD on life support?
32:32 Nikon kills (almost all) analog cameras
37:31 The Optimus mini three
41:59 The iRiver U10
50:20 The week ahead, the 2005 Engadget Awards and what's on tap for 2006


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