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Independent online PSP network on the way?


While there isn't any official word on the rumor yet, Xbox-Scene reports that a commercial online PSP gaming network could see the light of day sometime during the second quarter of 2006. The founders of XLink Kai, the popular tunneling service for the Xbox, and the one mostly used to hook up multiplayer-hungry Halo players, could be planning a similar centralized network for PSP games. If the news comes out to be true, gamers desperate for some good online multiplayer sessions on their PSPs will no longer have to wait for developers to include infrastructure mode into their titles. Players will be able to easily match up with others through the service via ad hoc mode instead, which means that we'll all finally have a chance to perform random acts of violence and cruelty to each other in Liberty City over the Internet. Oh joy!

[image via nokonoko]

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