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Latest Final Fantasy XII trailer laced with Jpop


A new Final Fantasy XII trailer has been included as a bonus on a recent DVD release (in Japan) of Angela Aki's single, "Kokoro no Senshi." Aki's "Kiss Me Good-Bye," a sappy, over-produced tune, is the official theme song for FFXII and dominates the mood of the CGI-heavy trailer. It's not our thing, but it if you're into Jpop, then this montage will certainly get the juices flowin'...

If you manage to get your hands on a copy of the DVD, you'll also be treated to Aki's rendition of the FFVIII theme, "Eyes on Me" (not to be confused with Tupac's 1996 joint, "All Eyez On Me").

Follow the Read link to view the trailer.
[Thanks, Timmeh; via GameBrink]

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