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More GTA4 rumors crawling out of the woodwork

Dan Choi

We had heard rumors that the next Grand Theft Auto would be featured on the PS3 and be based somewhere in Europe, but now a print mag has offered up a slightly more believable take on things.

PSM has claimed that a Rockstar representative told them "that GTA4 will be set in Europe and span across six different cities." The idea of six cities in a next-gen GTA would certainly expand on the multi-city deal in San Andreas, but no official Rockstar confirmation has been given concerning this, so definitely take this with a grain of salt.

While you consider this latest rumor, feast your eyes on some nice city renders purportedly from the mysterious game in question, but originating in a Nintendo forum post. Yeah, fat chance they're real, but they are easy on the eyes. A GTA like that sure would be nice. [Update: pics actually from an AutoDesk demo. Thanks, Johnny!]

[Thanks, Tim & John]

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