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Ix-nay on the Xbox 360 Blu-ray

Ryan Block, @ryan

Looks like Microsoft had a little PR cleanup to do this week after Peter Moore's semi-pseudo-vaguely worded statement to ITMedia at CES on the possibility of Microsoft's adding Blu-ray hardware support to the Xbox 360. Before, the man told 'em that Blu-ray would be "possible," and while technically he was being forthright in his answer (because it is in fact possible for them to do), there can be no further mistaken next-gen optical intentions for the 360. Microsoft's issued a blog-release of sorts clarifying that have "absolutely no plans to support other optical formats" (i.e. under no circumstances will they be releasing a Blu-ray drive for their flagship home entertainment device), and that they remain "fully Committed to HD DVD." Alright then, looks like that settles that.

[Via Joystiq]

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