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Splitfish: we're not copying the Revolution controller

Dan Choi

So do you remember SplitFish, the company that brought along a few interesting peripherals to CES a couple of weeks ago? Well, they're saying their Revolution-like controller for the PS2 wasn't inspired by Nintendo's baby at all, having had a patent pending for their split laser-guided pad for over a year now.

With that said, the DualFX is expected to be released within 8-10 weeks (at the latest), easily beating its supposed inspiration to market by at least a few months. Also, it's claimed that they "weren’t able to have someone on hand at [the CNET] demonstration to fully explain how the controller works." Basically: "By squeezing harder, you can increase the look sensitivity.... If you’re not aware of that feature, the controls could seem to be strangely out of whack, since you’d be changing the settings on the fly, without ever knowing it."

Whatever the case may be, Revolution fanboys can now cease to send the good people at SplitFish hate mail and such because both of the controllers in question were apparently developed independently of one another. Hopefully the Sony-compatible controller's future sales and in-game performance will be worth all the bother.

[Thanks, Shawn]

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