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Xbox 360 DVI adapter! J/k, it's only RF

Evan Blass

Although we estimate the number of our readers who will be interested in this product to be approximately 6, we still get a kick out of bringing you Pelican's Xbox 360 RF adapter. This adapter is for TVs so ancient that they lack even basic composite (RCA) inputs, possessing only the ol' RF (coaxial) jack, which translates into tube sets made prior to 1930. Personally, we would never even take our 360 out of the house, let alone bring it over to a friend's house that lacked component inputs (like we'd have any such friends in the first place), but if your buddies rock the Luddite-style then ten bucks is all it takes to get your crappy signal transfer-on.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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