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Cingular to smartphones: No QWERTY for you!

Evan Blass

Cingular has been advertising its humptastic 2125 (HTC Faraday) as the first Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone in the US. ZDNet columnist David Berlind, however, makes the argument that the Treo 700w was the first stateside WM5 smarthphone, and we would argue that we've been seeing WM5 smartphones for months now. John Kampfe, Cingular's director of Wireless Media & Industry Analyst Relations, responded that Cingular only classifies non-QWERTY handsets as smartphones, and that keyboard-sportin' phones are considered PDAs. Microsoft, on the other hand, makes the distinction by whether the device is running WM5 for PocketPC or WM5 for Smartphones. We'll leave this one open for the readers to discuss, but our two cents is that any cellphone running any flavor of Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian, or Linux is "smart" and should be classified as such.

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