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Half of Sundance Festival is high-def

Kevin C. Tofel

We didn't make it out to Sundance like some of the WIN crew; after all, who wants to see movie screenings when we can relax in our home theaters with high-def televisions, right? What's that you say....over half of the 193 films at the Sundance Festival are in high-definition? No, say it ain't so. Yes it's true, so now we feel totally duped by our obviously much smarter peers over at Cinematical. We should have known we were missing something when our very own CEO headed out West for Sundance. Sorta makes sense why he's the CEO and we're the bloggers, now doesn't it?

In all seriousness, we're thrilled to see the number of high-def screenings increase by leaps and bounds. Eventually, whatever happens during the screenings makes it's way to the screens in the theaters, so you go Sundance!

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