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NTP, don't cry, dry your eyes

Ryan Block, @ryan

The end appears near, friends, and we all pretty much know it. RIM's managed to stall the ruling on their case with NTP long enough find themselves on the eve of having all NTP's patents ruled invalid once and for all by the USPTO, and if they can hold out just a little longer it looks like they'll be home free. So what angle is NTP playing as they scramble to put through an injunction against RIM? Interestingly enough, they've resorted to issuing statements amounting to whining, sniveling, and smearing: in the course of this whole ordeal NTP claims to have been, uh, put through, their business has suffered "substantial harm," and they referred to RIM as the "900-pound gorilla in the wireless e-mail industry" that's been "free riding" on their IP. Seriously, this from a company who's basis for the case in the first place relies on what are widely known to be invalid patents? Frankly we're half tempted to pay NTP what they're asking for at this point (that'd be $125.9-million plus $7 million in interest plus 5.7% in RIM royalties) just to get these guys to shut up.

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