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Say hello to Godzilla: 11 tuner HDTV DVR


Remember that time, even with a dual tuner DVR, where there were three things on that you wanted to watch at once? The guys at Snapstream never have that problem. They put together this 11 tuner box and were kind enough to provide all the info necessary to build your own, assuming you've got 11 HDTV channels in your area and enough storage.

My puny Motorola box just doesn't have the same shine now that I've seen this. It's not an all-channel recorder, but it's close. Interestingly, they chose Windows XP over Media Center to run this box including 4 Fusion HDTV5 USB tuners, three Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-500s, and one PowerColor PCIe x1 Theater 550 Pro. Wow.

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