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Sneaky Sony: Syphon Filter beta needs 2.6 to apply

Sony has sent out an invitation for PSP owners to beta test their upcoming title Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror. All they ask is that you go to on your PSP's brower, submit an application, and hope they pick you.

There is one catch though: Sony is requiring that all applicants use (the still unhacked) PSP firmware 2.6 just to apply. Clever plan. Create excitement by having an open application process to beta test an upcoming game, hoping applicants will choose to forgo their downgradable/downgraded homebrew friendly firmware just for a small chance to play a new game before it's out. Thanks, but I'll stick with my 1.5 PSP chock full o' stuff.

(Read on for Sony's invitation; thanks, al. Check out PSP Fanboy for more.)

[Thanks to everyone that tipped us!]


You have been hand selected for a very special mission. We're beta testing a title exclusively for the PSP (PlayStation®Portable) system Syphon Filter®: Dark Mirror. We'd like you to apply to be one of our beta testers. Space is limited, so register today using only your PSP browser. (You will not be able to register for this beta test any other way.)

Just follow these simple steps:

1) Upgrade your PSP Firmware to 2.6*

2) From your PSP Internet browser go to
(We will only accept registrations that are completed on the PSP%uFFFD browser.)

3) Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your registration.

You will not receive a confirmation email. We will not send out acceptance notifications until all applications are processed.

Please note that this beta is ONLY playable online on your PSP%uFFFD system via a wireless Internet connection. No offline version is available.

*Instructions on how to download
- install the 2.6 Firmware Upgrade:
- Information and instructions about using your computer to install the Firmware are available here.
- If you have wireless Internet access, simply choose the "Network Update" option under the settings menu of your PSP system. More details.

Important Beta Test Guidelines

EMAIL ADDRESS: Once you have submitted your application via the PSP browser (part of Firmware 2.6), do not change the email address in your PlayStation Underground Member Profile. You may only participate in this beta test with the address to which we sent this invitation.

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