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Xplore Technologies' DualMode AllVue Tablet PC iX104C2DV

Evan Blass

Xplore Technologies, makers of ruggedized devices for industrial applications, has just announced one of the first Tablet PCs that we've seen to feature both an active digitizer and finger touch input. The DualMode AllVue Tablet PC iX104C2DV (one of the worst model numbers we've ever come across, which is saying a lot in the electronics industry) sports a Pentium M processor buzzing along at 1.1GHz (don't hate- remember that it's an M), 400MHz system bus, 256MB RAM, and a 10.4-inch XGA LCD. The dual mode input method was designed for easy in-vehicle access to certain functions while still allowing precise data input in the field, and the AllVue screen promises enhanced viewability in direct sunlight. Although the iX104C2DV is available immediately, we couldn't find a price anywhere, which probably indicates that it's out of our price range.

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