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Silent Hill theatrical trailer

If the Silent Hill teaser wasn't enough to sate your appetite for creepy video game promotional materials, the full length trailer oughta do it. And if you've been stuck watching Uwe Boll movies lately, then behold: high production values! The poster is also new I think... perhaps a winner in the poster designing contest?

Fans of the game know how creepy it is -- especially if played at night, alone -- and so there are some high hopes resting on the movie to really deliver in the pants-soiling category. From the looks of the trailer, it just may. To prevent being consistently disappointed in movie adaptations, let's resolve to expect total garbage, then we can be pleasantly surprised if it's anything but.

I'll begin: "This movie looks so l4m3! I'd rather have my eyelids cut off and watch BloodRayne for the rest of my life than watch this thing!"

[Thanks, Elpea]

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