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Sony Connect gets adopted by portable audio division

Evan Blass

As part of its larger internal reorganization to grab market share from rivals like the Cupertino Killer, Sony has put its struggling Connect service under the authority of portable audio division chief Hiroshi Yoshioka. The Connect service has received a plethora of complaints since its inception, from an unintuitive UI to heavy-handed DRM restrictions, and Yoshioka is tasked, among other things, with making the separate content and hardware divisions play nicely together. Connect is seen as an important component of Sony's 'net strategy, as the perceived quality of the service and its downloads could make or break hardware devices like the upcoming Sony Reader. We wish Sony luck with its reorganization (sorry, we couldn't find the proper card at Hallmark), and hope that this shake-up will shake out some proprietary annoyances like MemorySticks, UMDs, MiniDiscs, etc, etc. from our overstuffed media library.

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