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Waiting for the other Hsu to drop: 1up interviews Peter Moore

Ross Miller

In terms of video game journalism, Dan "Shoe" Hsu is making a name for himself. Already a veteran of the field, Hsu pushed quite a few buttons last month with his editorial against the industry. While valid, biting the hand that feeds is certain to cause a commotion, and his latest interview shows the old boy's still got some fangs on him.

Speaking to Peter Moore, Dan Hsu verbally assaults Microsoft's figurehead with some aggressive questioning, calling him out on backwards compatibility, the reported hardware failure, the lack of graphical improvements...even rehashes Kameo, a game which Moore feels was not fairly reviewed by EGM.

There are some good news points here: a new Rare title to be announced in the spring, no first-party sports games being planned ("the sports category is incredibly well taken care of by both EA Sports and 2K Sports), "close to zero" chance at ever seeing True Fantasy Live Online, and were you curious as to how much Peter Moore would give up in order to get Shigeru Miyamoto working for Microsoft? At least five cars, and maybe his house - beat that, J. Allard.

There reaction to Hsu's interview style has been so far mixed - Joystiq reader Deejay Knight sent us his editorial, which finds Hsu unfair in a few portions. Did Hsu have a vendetta against the Xbox 360, or is this more aggressive style some New Year's resolution? There's nothing wrong with a journalist being hard-hitting, just so long as it is not personal.

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