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Kodak's V570 Torino (Turin) Olympics 2006 edition

Ryan Block, @ryan

Whoa guys, watch out there now. You just released the V570, don't you want to wait more than, oh, say, a couple weeks before releasing a Special Edition version of the thing? Guess Kodak's must be a little hot to trot on the Torino (Turin) Olympics this year since they're sponsoring and all (funny, we'd have thought Olympus would be all over this tip), but apparently the American camera manufacturer is outfitting the Japanese Olympic team with the V570 Torino (Turin) Olympics 2006 edition, and is selling a limited run of 1,000 cameras on their site. So far as we can tell the only thing different about this V570 is that it commemorates Olmypics with the rings emblazoned on its facade, so if you're into finding new and ever gimmickier ways to date your ever-rapidly aging gadget collection, here's one straight up, no chaser.

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