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Disney to Buy Pixar?

Damien Barrett

When the rumor surfaced last week that Disney might be interested in buying Pixar, I passed it off as just another rumor, along the lines of "Sony to buy Apple" or "Microsoft to buy Fort Knox". But multiple news organizations are reporting today that the all-stock deal may actually be approved and happen as early as tomorrow and that it may be worth as much as $7 billion.

As Steve Jobs has a majority share in Pixar, this would be incredibly significant for Mr. Jobs but might also be significant for Mr Jobs' other company, Apple Computer.

Could this mean there might be more Apple-Disney partnerships in the future? Disney videos for sale via the iTunes store? Disney-branded iPods? iPod-friendly audio guides at the Disney parks?

At the very least, a Disney-Pixar combination should be able to improve the animated offerings coming from Disney, which have been less-than-stellar in the last few years.

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