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Asus MyPal A636 GPS-equipped PDA reviewed

Marc Perton

After hearing about it for months, it looks like the Asus MyPal A636 has finally dropped. This one, you may recall, is Asus' entry into the GPS-PDA market, and also includes Bluetooth, WiFi and a 3.5-inch display. Pocketnow took the A636 for a spin, and found that it's a solid performer with great battery life (over 8 hours with GPS on), good Bluetooth support and decent mounting hardware for car use. The major downside? The included Destinator PN software, which can get sluggish with larger maps. However, there are workarounds, and as the reviewer points out, an upgrade should be available shortly, and will be supplied to customers by Asus. The A636 is available now for $599.99, including a 256MB SD card.

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