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Dock your iPod on your Vespa


My wife and I took our honeymoon in Italy a few years ago, and those Vespa scooters were absolutely everywhere. When we returned home, I said, "I want one of those Vespas," but it just didn't seem to have the same panache here in the states. Plus, I'm likely to get crushed by an SUV. Still, I think about them from time to time, especially when I see one with an integrated iPod dock.

The Stereo Kit by Scooterworks is a $300US kit that includes an amp, two 4-inch Alpine speakers, replacement glove box door with pre-cut holes, and a cradle/connector. They send you the kit, and you put it in. The Stereo Kit works with the Vespa Stella and P-series models.

Now I want a Vespa again.

[Via Engadget]

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