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Core Duo bugs: crisis or commonplace?

Marc Perton

Is Intel's Core Duo processor a bug-ridden wreck that was rushed into production before it was ready under pressure from PC manufacturers? Or is it a powerful processor that happens to have a handful of bugs that can either be fixed or routed around without the end user knowing anything was ever wrong? We're not sure, though we suspect the truth is closer to the latter scenario. But that hasn't stopped the conspiracy theorists and alarmists from screaming that the Core Duo is a "train wreck" of a processor, since revealed that 34 bugs have been found in processor, some of which the site identifies as being "potentially catastrophic." Cooler heads have pointed out that virtually every processor has bugs, and have even posted links to the error documentation for AMD's Opteron, which runs several pages long. While we don't believe in giving Intel a free ride, and we think any real bugs should be patched or fixed, it's worth noting that much of the alarm comes from the Mac community, where suspicion of Intel runs high among some users. Our advice to them: if you really don't like your Intel iMac or MacBook Pro, and would rather go back to your G5 (or maybe go way back, say, to a Quadra or LC), we'd be happy to take it off your hands and do some extensive bug-testing.

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