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Engadget Podcast 065 - 01.24.06

Ryan Block, @ryan

Lot of music going on in the Podcast this week, between Apple's ongoing tiff with The Postal Service, Franz Ferdinand's limited edition Network Walkman, and the Rio Cubic swan song. But this week's podcast wasn't without its casualties, too: Tiger Telematics filed for bankruptcy in its home territory, the UK, and Konica Minolta decided they're closing up shop for digital imaging, passing their tech and know-how to Sony, less 3,700 employees. Still, at least things are looking up a bit in the cellphone world between T-Mobile's new offerings, rumors of a HSDPA Motorola Q, and Pantech's launch of the U110. So tune in to this, Engadget Podcast 65 -- and if you feel like it, ring us up at 1-888-ENGADGET, too!

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Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Randall Bennett

J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

52:00, 23.8MB, MP3

01:41 - Apple's ad sinks to such great lows
06:28 - Apple Intel iMac reviews are in
08:03 - Franz Ferdinand Limited Edition Sony NW-A1000
10:46 - The Rio Cubic (aka the Carbon C)
14:11 - Tiger Telematics files for bankruptcy in UK
17:42 - Pantech's IM-U110's 1GB musicphone
19:37 - Checking out T-Mobile's SDA and MDA
28:23 - On Motorola (not) nixing the GSM Q
29:45 - Konica Minolta throws in the towel, quits the camera biz
32:57 - Nintendo sez Revolution due in the US before Thanksgiving
36:42 - Thomas's digital TV features and the Mobile DTV Alliance
39:56 - Listener voicemail!
48:19 - The week ahead, and Engadget's up for two Bloggies!


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