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Plasma TV's bring McDonalds uptown

Matt Burns

You must have noticed that McDonald's is trying to raise their image up a notch or two with healthier foods and better looking restaurants. Apparently, they are even installing plasma TVs to liven up their sometimes stale interior. It is yet to be said if those widescreen TVs will be displaying HDTV, but it at least they look cool hanging on the wall.

There are a couple McDonald's that have received "Extreme Makeovers" in my area. It took them 9 months to renovate one urban location and the results were astounding. There is nice tile floor, cool lighting and even a fireplace. It seems to be their new model but we are missing the plasmas. There are TVs, but only a few 20-inch Philips flat screen tubes.

Have anyone seen these plasmas in their local Mickey D's? How do they look and is there high definition on them?

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