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Michael Leung's "Hardwood USB" flash drives

Evan Blass

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We've seen plenty of attempts at creating a stylish USB flash drive, but until now we've yet to see one product that delights our inner fashionista. That is until Inhabitat turned us on to Michael Leung's line of mostly-prototype drives which feature simple, classy designs that you'd be proud to shove into your USB port. Among his several designs (a USB ruler drive whose length represents its storage capacity, a stone-shaped portable hard drive) is one that actually made it to production, the so-called "Hardwood USB." Available in different wood casings with a leather string attached, these drives offer new school functionality in an old school, earthy design that we could totally get down with- if we didn't already have a drawer full of blank promotional drives, that is.

[Via Inhabitat]

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