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Lenovo to produce Olympic ThinkPads

Marc Perton

We're not sure how many people are so into the Olympics that they're going to rush out and buy a commemorative laptop that features the Olympic logo on the case, but we assume there are at least 500, since that's how may Olympic laptops Lenovo is making. Available starting January 31 in limited editions of 250 each, the Olympic versions of the Z60M and Z60T will have features that are basically the same as their non-Olympic versions, other than those rings on the case. Pricing is set at under $2,000, so we suspect they'll have no trouble selling these, and we'll see at least a few on eBay before the Games are even over. We'd like to think that IBM never would have sullied the ThinkPad brand with cheesy tie-ins like this, but given the company's 40-year relationship with the Games, we suspect that Big Blue would be perfectly fine with the new ThinkPads. (And, of course, it's the perfect companion for the Kodak Olympic camera.)

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