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Nintendo announces DS Lite

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Nintendo likes to be a little difficult on us from time to time, but we're stoked that after they decided to redesign the DS, then reneged, that they reneged the renege and went through with it anyhow -- though honestly, knowing Nintendo, it was an inevitability given their (and everyone else's) penchant for redesigning their consoles to drive sales. Anywho, their new Nintendo DS Lite skimps on the size and weight by shaving off 1/3rd of the bulk and 20-percent of the weight, and will apparently be released in Japan on March 2nd for ¥16,800 (about $145). It's important to remember, however, that the DS Lite we see here may not be the device that you actually buy, being that these are still considered to be design mock-ups. See ya soon, DS Lite, can't wait!

Japanese release date: March 2, 2006

Weight: 218g (compare to 275g for the current Nintendo DS)

Dimensions: 133mm x 73.9mm x 21.5mm

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