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8-inch LCD Freeview Digital TV

Evan Blass

One of the things we miss most when touring around the British countryside is watching TV to distract us from all the non-tech naturey stuff. Well someone out there feels our pain, and the result is the 8-inch LCD Freeview Digital TV, which pulls in over-the-air Freeview content along with regular old analog offerings. The 640 x 480 resolution certainly isn't anything exciting, but the fact that it can store up to 1000 channels (funny, since we thought the UK still had just three) is pretty hot, as is the VGA jack for mobile dual-screen goodness when attached to a laptop. Available now for $355, plus the cost of an adapter to to run it off your car battery if you want to take it on picnics and stuff.

[Via Red Ferret]

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