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Beware Nintendo's Red Tulips


Nintendo has botched an attempt to send out its second exclusive gift, Red Tulips, to Animal Crossing players using the Nintendo WiFi Connection. When users connected to the service, they received a mysterious blank letter with an attached "Red Tulips" item. Upon dropping the item inside of their homes, users were surprised to find that nothing appeared in the designated spaces. In addition, further attempts to move different items into those spaces failed (see video here). Essentially, the gift had corrupted their games. [Note: users that dropped the Red Tulips outside did not experience the glitch]

According to 4 color rebellion, Nintendo accidentally sent out the letter before it was finished and is working on a solution for users that have placed the item in their homes. If you have received the Red Tulips, do not drop them in your house—try pawning them off for an extra 80 bells. If you have dropped them in your house, don't save—just reset the game. If you've already saved the game, well, just keep your fingers crossed.

[Thanks, Sean & saboola]

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