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Big Fat Hard Drives for your PowerMac G5


If you bought a PowerMac G5, or if you're still going to buy one because you hate all that is Intel and you suspect Apple will switch over their desktops next, be sure to check out some of the SATA hard disk options currently on the market. If you choose, for example, to upgrade your drives from the Apple Store, note that you will pay:

  • 250gig SATA hard drive: $275*
  • 500gig SATA hard drive: $575*
Now if you buy 500gig SATA hard drives from, for example, Western Digital, you will pay:
Or by looking a bit at, you will find:
If you instead fish around at you may see:
Remember, if you RAID it up, Mix it up! Try to use different models and makes of hard drives for your RAIDs. If a drive fails in a machine, chances are a similar make and model could** fail soon thereafter.

From what I know there is only room for two SATA drives in a PowerMac G5 (without adding any controller cards), so why not put in two 500gig drives yourself? Sell that Wow Original Apple Hard drive !!! 250gig !!! Must L@@K! on eBay to offset your costs.

* (Algebraically derived from today's Apple Store prices, if you need to see the math, call me.)
** (This of course is up to chaos theory and many other electrical factors. Your second drive may outlive even your favorite parrot. You just can't know.)

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