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DIRECTV HDTV losing its edge - Rate Hike!

Ben Drawbaugh
At one time DIRECTV was the undisputed HDTV leader: the first to carry the ever popular HDNet and still the only provider to offer an HD TiVo. DIRECTV has been pouring all of their resources into offering local HDTV channels and at the same time letting their national HD lineup suffer. Many subscribers are less than happy with their HD locals experience. As if this wasn't enough, subscribers are complaining about the amount of compression that DIRECTV uses on their HD lineup. Meanwhile DISH Network continues to add more HD channels such as the VOOM channels. After all this tipping of the HD advantage in DISH's favor DIRECTV now announces a rate hike.

Current subscribers will pay $3 more per month, while new subscribers will pay as much as $4 more per month. To top it all off, DIRECTV claims that the reason for the increase is because they have invested so much money in bringing HD to the viewers.

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