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Apple's new Yonah "iBooks" due this spring with Front Row and iSight?


It seems to be more conjecture than anything, but AppleInsider has some rumoring from "people familiar with the company's plans" that say Apple is planning a Front Row equipped "iBook" this spring. No word yet if the new iBooks will borrow any naming conventions from their MacBook Pro brethren, but the supposed 13-inch laptops will be borrowing just about everything else, including Front Row, the Apple Remote, a built-in iSight camera, and the Yonah chipset; though they assume the new laptops will be limited to the 1.67GHz Core Solo processors. They're also saying the new consumer oriented laptops will retain a single Firewire 400 port and stay close to their current white-clad design, though supposedly Apple has been toying around with the idea of a black version, but no one has sighted such a version yet. Again, doesn't seem like much more than some reasonable conjecturing, though the iSight and Front Row abilities sound like nice additions for laptops that are supposed to hit a sub-$1000 starting price point.

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