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Ready for an "Oldschool Revolution"?

Dan Choi

Bad voice acting? Check. Amateurish artwork? Check. Lots of movie music and effects spliced together? Oh yeah, definitely check. So why are we posting a video like this? Simply because there's nothing more fun than a console war come to life in a fanimation.

Watch up top, or check out the six-minute work at a higher quality on IFILM via the Read link below. Just stick around till the end of the somewhat premature credits at the four-minute mark; the true ending could be considered unexpected (or anticlimactic), but it's there.

Here's a question: Should Nintendo feel good about that starting narration concerning its place in the industry? "We had come to terms with the fact that our time had passed"? What would Reggie say?

[Thanks, Jibaro009 & dragon.feces]

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