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Trade in your worn-out gun for a shiny new computer

Evan Blass

This is the sweetest deal we've seen in a long time: authorities in one of Mexico City's sixteen districts are putting a new twist on the old guns-for-cash program by offering one of 150 new computers to people who trade in any type of firearm. The computers were donated to the city by a charitable foundation, which probably didn't know that there are better ways of acquiring guns than this transparent laundering scheme. There were several humorous outros that we could have used for this post (something involving Internet hunting, perhaps), but lets go with: It's super that there will be 150 less guns in Mexico City (out of 200? 2000? 2,000,000?), but we're not looking forward to the first reports out of Mexico of someone tragically killed while trying to fend off an attacker with his/her Dell.

[Via PhysOrg Weblog]

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