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Apple trademarks "Mac Pro" in New Zealand

Dan Pourhadi

Listen hither, ye name-bashing heathens: Apple made a gutsy move kicking creativity in the crotch by axing the "PowerBook" moniker on the pro laptop line and changing it to "MacBook Pro," but Steve made his intentions very clear during the Macworld keynote by blatantly stating, "We're done with 'power'" (figuratively, of course).

That move led many of the Mac Elite to embark on spiritual journeys to the depths of Silicon Valley, contemplating the unanswerable questions of the future: Will Apple rename the iBook to "MacBook"? What's going on with the PowerMac, will it just be named..."Mac"? Maybe "Mac Pro"?

The skilled Macology researchers at AppleInsider dug into the matter and uncovered a series of ancient (3 months old) texts that, if interpreted properly, may answer some of those very questions. According to the document, Apple filed for the trademark "Mac Pro" in New Zealand last November, following its recent trend of applying for trademarks in foreign nations -- presumably to prevent snoops (I'm lookin' at you, AI!) from uncovering and interpreting them.

Does this mean the PowerMac may soon follow in the PowerBook's footsteps, destined to eternal enslavement in the World of The Has-Beens? This document certainly seems to lend credence -- but, like Nostradamus's predictions of the future, we'll just have to wait and see.

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