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Firmware 2.60 ready for homebrew


Cinch up your elastic pants, PSP Fanboys! PSP firmware 2.6 has been breached, which means that now everyone with a PSP can revel in the free, quasi-anarchistic world of homebrewed software, ripped UMDs and hentai viewers. Well, maybe not the last one.

Fanjita and Ditlew make it a point to mention that the eLoader they’ve come up with is currently in beta form, so there’s a good chance that it may crash often. It also doesn’t work with all available applications, but that’s being remedied as we speak. It also still runs via the GTA exploit, so you still need to get or rent yourself a copy of the game to get this to work.

We still love you Sony, even with that somewhat large helping of pie smeared across your face.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

[UPDATE:] Contrary to our initial suggestion, the 2.6 exploit will not work with ISO loaders ("ripped UMDs") due to limited kernel access. We apologize for the misstep. As punishment, our errant blogger has been flogged and made to watch the entire first season of "Yes, Dear."

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